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John Canemaker
Animator / Professor
NYU Tisch School of the Arts
 Kanbar Institute of Film and Television Department

Thanks for sharing.  It's a beautiful, rich website, and a fine tribute to our wonderful Jane. So happy to see my article included. Wonderful that Fales folk interested in archiving her work for study, research, etc.

Norman Ballard
Artist / President
Shigeko Kubota Video Art Foundation, Inc.


Speaking as one having just scratched the surface of the artist archiving paradigm I feel humbled but justified to respectfully comment that your work for Jane is an incredible achievement !  I was aware of Jane's work but your compilation and the breadth of access that it cohesively manages, is a legacy building feat; to successfully provide audiences, scholars, and future artists the means to grapple with her as a full blown breakthrough artist whose work feels vital, while the genre is too, but went vestigal.  But the 'hand wrought' notion of her work that comes through personally, not technically, is so needed to inform young artists who get a Mac and eGPU card and are suddenly a new media artists, that there exists a larger level commitment that should send them back to the drawing board..literally.

... who'da thought in a single generation to go from 'first time ever, never seen, done before...' to courting the art historical record as reference material, goes with the territory I guess and for the same cause overall...and somebody's got to do it and nonetheless driven...

Annie Schweikert


         Ava Ulmer Filmmaker / Teacher


I thought you might like to see these photos - they were shared with me by a classmate, who shared Jane's work with another friend, who in turn shared Jane's work with her fifth grade classroom. Her work is so resonant, but of course you know that better than anyone. 

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I'm excited to share the work that my 5th and 6th grade students made after viewing "Traveling Light" and "Set in Motion." Many of my students complain when I show them animations they consider to be "old" (which to these folks is anything made before 2014), but across the board they were blown away by these two works. The scale of these animations is what really excited them-- after working for weeks shooting down on flat paper backdrops it was eye opening that the spaces they spend time in each day could be reimagined as animation sets. Here's a link to the experiments we made, inspired by JA's work. Hope you enjoy-- my students had so much fun making these!

Inspired by Jane's movies, Ava's 5th and 6th grade filmmakers in production on their own aaronimations.

Inspired by Jane's movies, Ava's 5th and 6th grade filmmakers in production on their own aaronimations.

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